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for Kaycee [Mar. 1st, 2005|11:02 pm]
The Lounge - closed for business

Thursday 5pm, life is good and finds Tyler in city early enough to catch dinner rather than eating bar snacks at Luxuria. The Lounge, a place he has heard of, is not too far off and he heads there with a strong appetite. The background music as he takes a table and a menu isn’t what he’s used to, but Tyler doesn’t mind. Music has never been his vehicle for escapism anyway.
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LonEly [Feb. 16th, 2005|05:47 pm]
The Lounge - closed for business

[Current Mood |depresseddepressed]

Delirium wanders into the bar, feet shuffling against the floor as if it is too much effort to pick them up and walk properly, her hair hangs down into her eyes. She is wearing a long black trench coat, a black t-shit, black jeans, and black boots. There isn't a hint of color to be found on her, even her usually bright and multicolored hair seems to have faded to a dull, washed out reddish... blonde-ish... brownish... colorless color. Her eyes are mismatched as always, one blue and one green.... but they are directed toward the floor, then at the tabletop as she flops into a chair.

She's so used to helping other people, she doesn't know how to ask for help, or how to explain to anyone else that she needs help... or whether she even does need help... She's just sad, it happens sometimes to people, even to the Endless... her sister Despair didn't own the market on depression any more than Delirium herself exclusively held the rights to madness and change...

She didn't want to go to her friends... She knew they would try to help her, but she also knew they wouldn't understand... and they would worry about her... They would be sad for her because she was sad... and it would undo all the help she had done for them...

So she found a new place and thought, maybe... maybe someone here could make the sad stop... or maybe, if nothing else... it would chase away the darkness for a little while... or... something...

She didn't know what she was looking for... she was just looking, that was all... Just... looking...
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First Visit [Jan. 23rd, 2005|10:06 am]
The Lounge - closed for business

If there was one thing the Doctor enjoyed, it was good food and discovering new venues in which to find it. One of the true joys of being an intergalactic (and temporal) traveler was observing local customs and sampling the native cuisine. Not surprisingly, it always seemed to be the quaint, out of the way places that boasted the most delicious food and drink, not to mention enjoyable entertainment. And, of course, the allure of the added splash of local color.

The Doctor found The Lounge on one such sojourn, not going any particular place or time but just happily wandering and taking in the sights. His stomach began to rumble, guiding him inside.

"How very quaint," he said to himself as he looked about. It was a cozy enough looking place. Not unlike a few of the clubs he frequented on Earth in the 1930's . . . with a touch of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe thrown in for good measure.

Now, what was the custom here? Seat yourself or wait to be seated? Not a being to stand on ceremony (if he could possibly help it), the Doctor decided to find himself an empty table and make himself comfortable.
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Searching [Jan. 16th, 2005|03:18 pm]
The Lounge - closed for business

[Current Music |Kaycee's - end of lunchtime performance]

Written during 'blackout'. Locked to coryraines and Kaycee.

Cory wandered around the City. Air cold, the breeze trying to cut through him and take away his warmth. But his hands were deep in his pockets with gloves on. His jacket tight about him. He wondered, trying to figure out all the avenues presented to him. One in particular was forefront in his mind.

Before he knew it, he was standing before the entrance of The Lounge. A voice rang out, reminding him of tales of the Sirens of old. He looked up at the sign and gave a little smile. It figures he would end up here. He walked in, glancing about and nodding to the bartender. It was warm inside and so was the sounds coming from the person singing.

Cory and Kaycee meetCollapse )
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Stopping by for a visit [Jan. 10th, 2005|02:46 pm]
The Lounge - closed for business

[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

She took a step into the bar and smiled softly, it hadn't changed much since the last time she had been here. She was wearing a green silk serong that accented her eyes and was slightly fitted around her rounding figure, showing the new life that she carried within. Stepping up to the bar, she ordered a bottle of water and smiled at the bartender as she paid. Taking a seat at the bar, she looked to see if there was anyone she knew.
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Spending Time With Kaycee [Jan. 6th, 2005|11:26 pm]
The Lounge - closed for business

[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

Amy sat at a table in The Lounge, looking forward to meeting up with Kaycee, the girl she had met when she was in here with Sabine. She had stayed long enough to hear some of Kaycee's singing, and knew that she liked it a lot more than she'd enjoyed Richard's trumpet playing, but she was interested in getting to know her better.
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(no subject) [Jan. 1st, 2005|11:46 am]
The Lounge - closed for business

[Current Mood |nervousnervous]

Open to anyone.

Aura walked quietly down the streets of the city, snow falling around her, the flakes being harried by the sharp gusts of wind that skittered here and there. Around her, people hurried from one place to another, huddled into heavy winter coats, hoods pulled up, heads down. The snow drifted down to the pavement where it quickly joined that half melted slush that lined the gutters and was kicked up by tires of passing vehicles.

She herself walked with her coat open and hood down, unmindful of the bitter wind. Shoulder length dark hair moved about her pale face, and striking gold eyes watched the world move around her. She did this quite often, wandering the streets. It was one of the few things that kept her occupied in this world, watching the masses of humanity scuttle here and there like ants. Gazing up through the harsh street lights, she frowned. Nothing about this world satisfied her. Hell, she couldn't even see the stars most of the time. It seemed to her that humanity lit their world as brightly as they could, almost as though they were trying to shout their presence to the universe. If they'd take the time to close their eyes and listen to someone other than themselves, maybe they'd learn something.

Unfortunately, with her eyes turned up, she wasn't watching where she was going as closely as she should have been, with a muffled curse, she bounced off of someone hurrying through the crowd, just as preoccupied as she. Thrusting out a hand to catch herself, she barked her knuckles on on the rough brick of a building. She hissed to herself as she regained her balance and put her injured knuckles to her lips, the coppery taste of blood touching her tongue. As she stood, grumbling to herself about only having two legs when one was used to four, a strange feeling came over her.

She turned her head, looking this way and that, searching for a familiar face. Nothing met her eyes though. Frowning, she concentrated. Yes, the feeling she was getting was familiar, but not as the person she was thinking of. The shaman of her clan had carried with him a feeling such as this. This was definately not him though. Lifting her head, she turned it from side to side again, almost as though scenting the wind. Gradually she got a track on the feeling and continued walking, following the elusive trail.

Eventually the trail led her to a building, set slightly back from the others. It was a club or bar of sorts. Standing just outside the door, she hesitated for a moment. Walking down the street among the push of humanity was one thing. Walking into a bar and taking a seat was another. She shrugged off the feeling though and pushed the door open, catching it behind her and making sure it shut completely.

The murmer of voices mingled with soft music met her ears immediatly, and she took a moment to look around. People wandered to and fro about the room, some sitting at the bar, others at tables and booths scattered about. The scent of food and drink was strong in the air, though not overpowering. The feeling was strong here also. Yes, there was definatly a shaman about somewhere.

Underneath the muted lights her hair gleamed wetly with melted snow, and a dark irridesence, not noticable under the streetlights, shone in the strands. Brushing it away from her face, she moved around the edges of the room until she found an unoccupied booth. Here she sat, waiting, and she admitted to herself, hoping, that whoever was giving off this shamanic feel would show themselves.
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Christmas Cheer at The Lounge [Dec. 24th, 2004|06:51 am]
The Lounge - closed for business

[Current Mood |busybusy]

((ooc:The Lounge will be open on Christmas Day, for anyone who would like to come in and have wonderful food and drinks. Feel free to drop in and out, as the holiday permits. Open to anyone and everyone. Happy Holidays!))

The staff who had volunteered to work on Christmas were busy preparing to open the doors. Carolina came in the back door with Cory, greeted by wonderful smells from the kitchen. Most of the buffet had been prepared in advance, by Miss Dolly. She was over at the shelter, serving dinner there all day. Her assistant was running the kitchen much like she would have, and the whole place smelled fantastic. There would be Virginia hams, and roast duck for their English friends. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams, veggies, salads, gravy, southern style black eyed peas and other delights went with them. Hot rising rolls, baked fresh all day, along with cornbread, sat in baskets. The food would be in chafing dishes, keeping warm, and being replentished all day and night. The dessert table held six kinds of pies, several cakes and a traditional English plum pudding. The buffet was on the house, a treat for anyone who came in to spend the cold holiday. They also had complimentary eggnog, hot cider and coffee.

The staff was feeling festive, and Carolina smiled at everyone. Despite her worries, she was glad to be here this holiday, glad for her crew of great people, and glad for her man. She hugged Cory, laying her head on his chest, excited about the day.
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Christmas for The Lounge [Dec. 21st, 2004|07:29 pm]
The Lounge - closed for business

[Current Mood |worriedworried]

The Lounge would be open for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There would be plenty of food, and lots of hot cider, eggnog and cheer for those who did not have family to go visit.
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Meeting Marianne [for Tess and Danielle, though its in the Lounge to start with] [Nov. 30th, 2004|08:10 am]
The Lounge - closed for business

[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |Kaycee's album]

Brendan stood back and looked at the sign the young woman from the shelter had stopped in and asked them to put up.

"And if you would like to make a donation for the 'Hamper' collection you can bring it to the tree, as we will have a small kiosk there, for people to leave their contributions."

He'd said he would let the boss know, and they would be happy to post the information for her, offering her a coffee or cold drink.

"Thanks, but might take a rain check on that, still have all these to deliver!" Alison had replied with a smile and wave of the bundle of posters still in her hand. "Best time to do it is now, after lunch, and before they all get edgy about heading for home." He nodded and watched her leave, turning down the street and entering the shop next door.

He went behind the bar to get some tape and soon had it affixed to the front window, next to the door, so their patrons could see it on their way in. Checking it was straight, he looked along the road, then went back inside, the waitresses from the lunch rush starting to sign out, and waving as they left for the afternoon.
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